Castro Marim


Odeleite is a peaceful small village in the lovely Castro Marim departments, by the bank of the beautiful Odeleite stream, situated in a place of beautiful natural landscapes.
This is the “other” Algarve, filled with charisma and beauty, distant from the tourist beaches of golden sand and close to a low altitude charming mountain side.

The village is characterized by its small white houses that descend a small slope towards the banks of the streamlet, surrounded by a great natural beauty, as one can observe in the Viewpoint in the top of the slope, from where one can observer the gorgeous pond of the Odeleite dam.
In fact, the construction of this dam endowed the region with astonishing landscapes, beyond all the other improvements.

Odeleite is proud of its lovely 16th century Mother Church, of the interesting communitarian kilns and all the other many rural and mountain side heritage that can still be found.

The village has maintained its traditions throughout the centuries, as one can observe in the wonderful and typical basketry items.

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