Odiáxere is a lovely small village in the wonderful Lagos department, situated on the Algarve’s Barlavento, surrounded by a great natural beauty.

This is a region of quite ancient human occupancy, with archaeological vestiges since the Bronze Age. Here probably inhabited Moors, as the own toponym derivates from “odi” that means river, probably referring to the waters of the Odiáxere streamlet.

Odiáxere is proud of its social, natural and architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the Mother Church with Moorish origins, an ancient bridge usually referred to as Roman, or the much interesting Windmill from the 19th century that also had defensive purposes and where every month takes place the Agricultural Odiáxere Fair.

The nearby Lake of the Bravura Dam provides great conditions for sport and leisure activities, and the astonishing Ria Alvor situated in between the ocean the Arade river estuary, endowed with amazing landscapes and an important habitat for several animal and natural species.



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