Oliveira de Azemeis

Oliveira de Azemeis


Oliveira de Azeméis is a lovely town located in central Portugal with over 11 200 inhabitants.
Oliveira de Azeméis was an important locality already in the Roman occupancy of the territory. As from the 7th century on it was under the Moorish influence, and already in the 10th century is conquered by Christians and disputed by the Leão County and the Portucalense County.

Interesting Monuments:
Santa Maria da Feira Castle, Corte Real Manor House, Oliveira de Azeméis Mother Church, São Miguel Church, São Jorge Thermal Complex, Lóios Convent and Museum, Romariz Castro (Hill Fort), Santa Maria de Lamas Museum, Lourosa Zoo.

“Pão de Ul” (Bread), “Papas de S. Miguel“ (a smash of pork with beans and vegetables), “Arroz de Ossos de Sua“ (pork bones with rice), “Cabrito Assado” (roasted goat kid), “Vitela Assada” (roasted veal) or “Nacão de Porco“ (pork steak), among many others.

“Queijadinhas de Cenoura“ (Carrot milk cheesecake), “Formigos Cesarenses“ (fried sweets with sugar and cinnamon and white wine), Zamacóis (fried pastry), Beijinhos de Azeméis or the Caladinhos biscuits.

Albergaria Campo, Hotel Dighton, Pensão Anacleto, Residencial La-Salette, La-Salette Campsite



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