Our Lady of Fatima Chapel

Vila do Porto


Located on the lovely São Pedro small village, more precisely on the Alto das Feterias, on the amazing Santa Maria Island, Azores Archipelago, the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel was the first one to be built in homage to Our Lady of Fátima apparitions outside the Leiria’s diocese, where the great Fátima Sanctuary is situated.

The Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel was inaugurated in 1925, and four years later started the construction of the great stairway that characterizes the monuments, dedicated to the Holy Rosary, with 150 steps, the exact number of beads of a Rosary, and ten platforms, that represent each one the Rosary mysteries.

From the Alto das Feteiras, on the Chapel yard, one has an astonishing panorama over the charming Santa Maria Island.

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