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Paço de Arcos is a lovely small town located next to Oeiras, that has suffered a big urban development in the past century, changing its rural and fishing characteristics.
In fact, throughout the years, Paço de Arcos has lived mainly of its fertile soils and from the products provided by the Tagus river and the Atlantic ocean.

The Paço de Arcos beach was considered in the middle of the 20th century as one of the luxury beaches in the Lisboa area, along with others from this Cascais and Estoril coast, therefore counting with an extraordinary heritage of gracious manor houses and small palaces.

According to some studies, the toponym “Paço de Arcos” comes from one of the most important monuments in the city: the 15th century Arcos Palace, where according to the legend, the Portuguese King Manuel the 1st observed the embarkations depart to India, in the important Portuguese Discoveries Period.

The lovely Historical Centre of Paço de Arcos has a good variety of restaurants and some interesting monuments, like the Nossa Senhora das Dores Church, the Flor da Murta Palace, the Quinta do Jardim Manor House and several fortifications that, for many years defended the Portuguese coast and the strategic entrance to Lisboa through the Tagus river, like the S. Bruno, Giribita, São Pedro or the Maias Forts.

Nowadays, Paço de Arcos is essentially a small town dedicated to commerce and services, with some Business Parks, where some of the most important national and international companies have their headquarters and offices, without, however, loosing its charm of a relaxed and welcoming small town.

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