Landscape and Viewpoint of Seixas - Numão

Vila Nova de Foz Coa


This wonderful viewpoint is situated at about 2km distance from Numão, nearby the lovely Vila Nova de Foz Côa village, in a region of great natural beauty, at about 640 meters high, from where one has astonishing panoramas.

The great river Douro stand out the beauty of the landscape, and from here one can observe the Vesuvius area, and also the Nossa Senhora do Viso Viewpoint, the Numão Castle, the lovely settlements of Lousa and Santo Amaro or the picturesque Santa Barbara de Mós Chapel.

The vineyard and almond tree fields get even more beautiful during Spring time when the Almond tree blossom and provide new amazing colours to the already amazing landscape.

Here is also situated the São Martinho Chapel where take place quite renowned festivities, attracting many locals and visitors.

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