Corno do Bico Protected Landscape

Paredes de Coura


Classified since 1999 as a Protected Landscape, the Corno do Bico, situated on the southeast of the beautiful Paredes de Coura department, is a place of great natural beauty, and with a big natural importance in the Minho region, in the North of the Country.

The Corno do Bico Protected Landscape has an area of 2715 hectares, 25% of which are woods formed mainly by oak trees. This big and important wood was planted in the 1940’s is the main reason for the classification, along with other natural features of great interest.
Here run the lovely rivers Labrujo, Coura and Vez, allowing the existence of others species such as Common Alders, Willows, Ashes, and others like holy or birches. In what concerns to fauna, the Corno do Bico is habitat for wolfs, otters, water-moles, common genets, boars or palmate newts, among many others.

This wonderful mountainside landscape allows unequal panoramas, where nature and the granite heritage tradition show off the bucolic of this greenish region, as one can observe in the highest points of Senhora da Pena (735 meters high) or in Corno do Bico (833 meters high).

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