Conde de Castro Guimarães Palace

Cascais - Cascais


The Palace was built in the beginning of the 20th century, by Francisco Vilaça, for a summer residence for JorgeO’Neil. The building features eclectic elements, inviting visitors to enter a kingdom of fantasy and wonder celebrated in this 19th century revival of the era of romance.
The Palace has a limestone outside, with mixed masonry. The several floors are connected by decorative towers and panels of glazed tiles. Inside, there are several rooms with 17th and 20th century remarkable glazed tiles.
The building is entrenched in the limit of the coastal flange, beaten by an arm of sea, to which it has direct access.
Since 1931 the Palace houses a Museum with a wide collection of furniture, porcelain, painting, jewellery and a library.
The gardens are also utterly pleasant, specially once visited the interior of the Palace.

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