Capitães Generais Palace

Angra do Heroísmo


Located right in the historical centre of the amazing Angra do Heroísmo town, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, on the wonderful Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago, the Capitães Generais Palace is a beautiful building, with considerable dimensions, showing off the richness of the town throughout the centuries.

The construction was ordered in 1570 by king D. Sebastião, to offer it to the by then important Society of Jesus, projected as a convent and college.
Throughout th centuries this beautiful buiding has served several means: as noble residence, royal palace… Since 1766 it is destined for the residence of the general captains of the Azores. A general captain was the governor and military commandant of any administrative division in the colonies.

The Palace houses interesting works of art and furniture, with an interesting collection of glazed tiles, paintings, sculptures, among many other richness. One of the highlights is the King’s Room, with paintings in natural size of the Portuguese kings of the Bragança dynasty.

The lovely Church of the College, annexed to the Palace, dates from the 17th century, with the same architectonic equation and a rich heritage, with golden carved wood, Netherlands Glazed tiles from the 17th and 18th centuries, statues and paintings from the 17th century.

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