Paredes de Coura

Paredes de Coura


Paredes de Coura is a lovely village situated in the greenish north region of Portugal, filled with history, beauty and peace of mind, bathed by the crystalline Coura river.

This is a territory occupied by men since remote periods, with megalithic and archaeological vestiges throughout the region , such as the Chã de Lamas, Serra de Bico, Serra de Boulhosa or the Chã de Cubos Antas, or the hill forts of Cossourado or Romarigães, as well as several testimonies of the Roman occupancy period, like the Rubiães Bridge.

Paredes de Coura’s history has much to tell, since pre-historical times. During the Portuguese Restoration War (1640 - 1668), the region was the centre of the military operations against Galicia and the defensive point against the Spanish invasions. In 1663 a battle was fought here, known as “Travanca Combats”.
The region has also been famous since those times for its important cereal production, due to the fertile soils.

Nowadays Paredes de Coura is much famous for its big summer festival that offers the most diversified music styles, represented by internationally famous bands and performers. The venue is known for its great natural beauty, that every year during the Festival changes its bucolic features to an alternative environment, yet keeping all its charm, attracting a large number of visitors.

The village presents an interesting archaeological heritage, fascinating with its bucolic charming streets that house monuments such as the Espírito Santo and the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Chapels, the lovely Town Hall building, the many manor houses like the Casa Grande or the Miguel Dantas Palace, among many others throughout the region.

Yet, the Natural Heritage is probably the most interesting feature of this region, with landscapes such as the ones in the Corno de Bico Protected Landscape, and also all the other natural panoramas with mountains, valleys, waterfalls, hills, slopes and crystalline waters of the Coura river that produce a typical luxuriant vegetation and also offer a pleasant Fluvial Beach.

Paredes de Coura also offers the Regional Museum, that exhibits its rich history and archaeological and ethnological heritage, and also the recent Cultural Centre, stage for the most diversified activities.

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