Sete Fontes Leisure Forest Reserve



The Sete Fontes Leisure Forest Reserve is located on the environs of Rosais small village, in the wonderful São Jorge Island, Azores Archipelago.

The Reserve occupies a forest area of circa 12 hectares of great beauty and nature diversity, housing several species of fauna and flora, working as well as a horticultural nursery where are raised the plants that are sent for other places in this greenish Archipelago.

Inaugurated in 1976, many new flora species were introduced, with endemic Macaronesia species as well as curious Mountain species, on an Island where the ocean seems to be always reachable and close to, allowing unique landscapes of great beauty.
The Reserve also houses several water courses, that form peaceful lakes and refreshing streamlets.

Apart from the wonderful natural species, and the amazing landscapes, the Sete Fontes Leisure Forest Reserve also offers good facilities for privileged leisure moments, with a Snack Park with barbeque, Children’s Park, Pedestrian Walk areas and itineraries, Games area, Shelter houses, Toilets, among many others.

The Reserve also houses the São joão Baptista Chapel, built in the 1970’s, and the Fajã de Fernando Afonso and Pico da Velha Viewpoints, that promote astonishing panoramas over the amazing São Jorge Island, and also the surrounding Islands of Pico and Faial, encircled by the magic and wide Atlantic Ocean.

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