Coureleiros Megalithic Park

Castelo de Vide

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The Coureleiros megalithic Park is composed by five Antas relatively close by to each other. It is also known as the Megalithic Necropolis of Coureleiros, and probably dates back to the 4th and 3rd millenniums b.C. 

Anta #1 is quite destroyed nowadays, yet three granite supports, which would compose the original sepulchral room, are still visible. Many archaeological vestiges were found in this Anta, such as beads, ceramics, arrow-heads, and schist plates. 

Anta #2 is also known as Anta Grande of Coureleiros and is one of the biggest megalithic monuments known in the Castelo de Vide department. Even though it is also damaged, the seven supports that would compose the original sepulchral room are still visible nowadays. 

Anta #3 was probably built between the Neolithic and the Chalcolithic periods. Nowadays it is quite destroyed, yet part of the tumulus is still visible. 

Anta #4 presents a polygonal plan, with about 3 meters diameter and 2 meters high, presenting from the original seven, six supports, of which nowadays only three are whole. This structure has been used throughout the centuries for the most diversified functions, mainly agricultural.

All these Antas are classified as Public Interest Buildings since 1997, apart from the Anta #2, which is classified as National Monument since 1910.



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