Litoral Norte Natural Park

Esposende - Esposende


The Litoral Norte Natural Park developed from the previously area named as “Protected Area of the Esposende Coastline”. The area was increased and lengthened through the ocean, consisting nowadays of a mixed Natural Park: both terrestrial and marine, where sand dunes and cliffs are able to support a range of wildlife with relatively little disturbance.

The Park presents a unique environmental, geological and landscape value, holding moreover one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the Country.

The protection of this dune system is one of the main goals of this Natural Park, due to the crescent tourist demand that the area has been perceiving, with its lovely wide sandy area that allows amazing sceneries and gorgeous beaches, nevertheless has experiencing a crescent coastal line erosion.

The area of this park is a passage point for many migrating fish, such as eels, a place of shelter for many species of birds.

The wide dune area is nowadays protected with wooden boardwalks in order to protect this special heritage, and also providing lovely walks.

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