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The Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais was created in March of 1994, and includes the area parallel to the coastal stretch from Cidadela in Cascais to the River Falcão, and the Sintra Mountain Range to the agricultural area in Colares.
The main purpose of this Park is to keep safe the fauna and flora of this blessed region.
The Park is divided in two distinct zones: the agricultural zone that produces especially fruit and wine, and the coastal zone, with its beautiful beaches, cliffs and dunes.
The Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais presents an amazing diversity of environments and landscapes, including dunes, forests, ponds, a beautiful coastline with sculpted rocky cliffs that put together astonishing beaches, the imposing westernmost point of the European continent Cabo da Roca, and, in the centre, the magnificent Sintra’s Mountain Range and all the area classified by the UNESCO as World’s Heritage.
In the territory of the Park diverse species of oaks prosper, as well as eucalyptus and pine trees and all the exuberant vegetation of Sintra’s mountain range.
The Park’s Fauna is also very diversified, and one can easily come across birds of prey such as falcons, owls or hawks and also maritime birds like seagulls and Procellariidae, several reptiles and amphibious species like salamanders and toads, and, of course, a great variety of mammals, such as vixens, moles and hedgehogs.
The Park is located next to the huge Lisbon metropolis, and amazingly, it has been able to preserve all the compelling territory of the westernmost point of the European continent and to harmoniously coexist with Nature and the human presence in a territory so looked-for construction, that has been suffering over the years a demolishing economical and technical evolution.

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