Lagos Zoological Park



The Lagos Zoological Park, with a relatively big dimension, is an excellent option for children and adults.
The Lagos Zoo is a genuine paradise for all those who like animals. Here, the day can be divided between going to see the different animals, such as the various species of monkeys, the European Lynx, the Prairie Dog, deer, kangaroos or turtles and iguanas; paying a visit to the city farm, a space where children can come into contact with all kinds of animal and plant species that are commonly found in the countryside, but are almost non-existent in urban areas; observing the “Duck Pond”, where roughly twenty different species of ducks live, together with storks, geese and swans, turtles, tortoises, carp, spoonbills, frogs, moorhens and herons; visiting the “Flight Tunnel”, where you can observe the natural behaviour of birds; and finally taking in the exuberantly colourful “Parrot Show”.
Lagos Zoo is another confirmation that the Algarve is not only Sun and golden beaches, and surely has much more to offer.

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