Penha Garcia



Penha Garcia is one of those places which are unique, one of the Portuguese jewels. The very own beauty of its landscape is priceless, where tradition, nature and history are always present hand in hand.

The beautiful and very own typical houses, protected by the majestic village’s defensive walls, invite the visitor to wonderful walks through the narrow, winding streets that lead us to the top of the Castle, from where one has an astonishing panorama over the Pônsul river valley, with its typical wind and watermills.

For those wishing for adventure and fun, here one can find the Fossil Route, an itinerary of about one hour and a half that lead us from the top of the Castle up until the Penha Garcia beautiful Dam.
Accompanying the refreshing banks of the Pônsul river, one can observe closely the traditional houses, the watermills and also the fossil house, among many other nature wonders and heritage values.

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