Penhas da Saúde



Penhas da Saúde is a beautiful mountainside village situated right in the heart of the wide Estrela Mountain range, nearby Covilhã.

Situated at about 1500 meters high, Penhas da Saúde get own life when Winter arrives, when it is filled with snow and visitors.

The mountainside landscape of pure fresh air and peace of mind is the greatest highlight of this place, that also provides accommodation and tourist facilities, like picturesque mountain “chalets”.

Once, Penhas da Saúde were mostly known as a Thermal complex, perfect for respiratory and lungs problems, as it is still observable on its big Sanatorium building that is now on the process to be transformed in a luxury hotel.

Another project is drawn for Penhas da Saúde, and according to the plan, the settlement will count with about 500 residences, commercial areas and other social, cultural and sport facilities and structures, transforming Penhas da Saúde into one of the best Mountain Tourist Village.

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