Lapa dos Gaivões Rupestrian Paintings



The natural rocky shelter in Vale de Junco (also known as “Lapa dos Gaviões”) encompasses rupestrian paintings in monochromatic ochre red, and is situated in the Louções Mountain, at abot 10km distance from Arronches, in the vast Alentejo region.

This monument was divulgate in 1916, and in the same mountain other two were discovered, the “Igreja dos Mouros” and “Lapa dos Louções”.
Located in the middle of a pleasant pine tree area, in these rocks are reproduced anthropomorphic and zoomorphic silhouettes, drawings of hands and other types of signs.

These paintings would have been done during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Period.

Situated in the area of the lovely São Mamede Mountain natural Park, these rupestrian paintings are a great pretext for going on a pedestrian walk and enjoying all the surrounding nature.

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