Natural Swimming Pools in Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Santa Cruz da Graciosa


Near to the urban and central area of the lovely Santa Cruz da Graciosa village, capital of the beautiful Graciosa Island, Azores Archipelago, these Natural Swimming Pools attract many visitors and users for also because of its centrality and good accesses.

Conjugating the natural basaltic rocks with more recent constructions for a better advantage of this space, a charming bay with calm waters is formed, and an adjacent space for leisure and rest.

These beautiful natural pools are formed by rocks that were originated through ancient volcanic eruptions, with the solidification of the lava, that created new rocky formations, sculpted by the marine and wind erosion.
Its dark colours contrasts deliciously with the profound blue of the Atlantic ocean, allowing wonderful leisure moments or simple contemplation of the nature power and overwhelm.

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