Carapacho Natural Swimming Pools

Santa Cruz da Graciosa


Located on the lovely southeast coast of the wonderful Graciosa Island, Azores Archipelago, the Carapacho Natural Swimming Pools are probably the most famous in all the Island.

Also very famous is the Carapacho Thermal Complex, with sulphurous waters, indicated therapeutically for skin disorders and rheumatics problems.

The swimming pools are also quite frequented by sport fishers, due to the large variety and amount of species that are abundant in this coast, which rocks propitiate good habitats.

These beautiful natural pools are formed by rocks that were originated through ancient volcanic eruptions, with the solidification of the lava, that created new rocky formations, sculpted by the marine and wind erosion. Its dark colours contrast deliciously with the profound blue of the Atlantic Ocean, offering pleasant landscapes.

Quite frequented by locals and visitors of this Gracious Island, the Carapacho Natural Swimming Pools are endowed with toilets and showers, as well as bar and lifeguard services, as well as good accesses, namely to the disabled.

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