Ponta de São Lourenço



São Lourenço is the easternmost peninsula of the amazing Madeira Island, representing a different landscape of Madeira, which is know for its luxuriant vegetation that lead to the epithet of “Atlantic Garden”. São Lourenço is a volcanic peninsula, mostly basaltic, which provides an arid look, with creeper vegetation and an inexistency of trees that highly contrasts with the remainder Madeira’s landscape.

With about 9km long and 2km width, it includes two islets (the Cevada, Metade or Desembarcadouros Islet and the Ponta de São Lourenço or Farol Islet), and was classified as Natural Reserve in 1982.
Hence, São Lourenço houses several interesting fauna and flora species, being possible to observe the most rare specie of fur seal: the Arctocephalus.

Here is situated the only natural sandy area of the Island, known as “Prainha”, usually quite frequented by locals and tourists that here find the pleasant Madeira sea allied to a sandy natural area, instead of the pebble beaches of the Island.

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