Ponta Delgada ( Madeira )

Ponta Delgada - São Vicente


Ponta Delgada is a pleasant small village in the northern coast of the wonderful Madeira Island, situated on the São Vicente department, that delights with its traditional rural ambiance.
In fact, in Ponta Delgada are produced many of the freshest typical products of the Madeira Island, due to the fertile soils, wisely laboured in the irregular slopes since the territory’s colonization perios.

Ponta Delgada is nowadays famous for its ocean water swimming pool resort, and by a beach situated in a bay, protected from the strongest tides and winds.
The village is proud of its Mother Church, the Imaculado Coração de Maria and the Reis Magos Chapels, of the D. Hilária Freitas charming Museum or the Horácio Bento Gouveia House Museum.

Throughout the Ponta Delgada region the power of nature is felt, offering many beautiful panoramas, such as the view in Serra Verde with its several rare species, and on the several Viewpoints of the region.

Land of quite vivid traditions, Ponta Delgada region is also famous for its other very typical Madeira feature: the traditional Handicraft, with old knowledge and techniques, producing various works of regional embroidery, wicker textile and objects made of maize leaf.



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