Ponta do Topo

Calheta ( Ilha São Jorge )


The Ponta do Topo is the easternmost place of the wonderful São Jorge Island, where is located the Vila do Topo village and the emblematic Ponta do Topo Lighthouse. It is thought that it was in the Ponta do Topo Beach that the first men who step on this Island disembarked.

This is a place of great natural interest, housing several species that are important to preserve, study and research. Here the panorama comprises an important Laurissilva Forest (with very ancient origins and inheritance) along with agricultural and cattle breeding fields, so typical of the charming São Jorge Island, where a perfect coexistence between the natural heritage and the traditional use of the soils, still exists nowadays.

This Natural Reserve is located at 1000 meters distance from the Ponta do Topo Islet, a place of nesting of an important Seagull community, housing also several fauna and flora species with special protection, due to its natural and environmental protection.

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