Campo do Gerês Old Bridge

Terras de Bouro


Situated in the rural Campo do Gerês, also known as São João do Campo, in the greenish Minho region, on the North of Portugal, this monument is often named as “Roman”, yet there is no certainty of its origins.
This is a region quite rich in archaeological heritage, namely in what concerns to Roman vestiges. Nearby is situated the amazing Geira, the Roman VIA NOVA road that linked Braga to Astorga.
It is thought that this bridge was built still in the Roman occupancy period, yet has been quite changed throughout the centuries. Another theory is that the present building was constructed during the Middle Age, re-utilizing the same materials and style of a previous building.
The bridge is characterized by its two arches, by the strong breakwaters and by the inclined roadway, with no guards.

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