Ponte da Panchorra

Resende, Panchorra - Resende


Bridge of Panchorra

Located about 1000 meters above sea level, joining the banks of the river Cabrum, the bridge of Panchorra is a beautiful example of vernacular [traditional] architecture. A two-arched bridge, it presents a regular structure in the voussoirs [stones forming the arch] and irregular masonry [stones] in the remaining structure, which may indicate a work of local or regional masters, intended to meet the access needs of the community to their farms and forests. Accordingly, it distances itself in importance and technique from its counterparts, built downstream, including the bridges of Ovadas, Lagariça and Nova, almost at the mouth of the river Cabrum. However, it still stands as a fine example of community infrastructure. The crossing takes advantage of the outcrops on the riverbanks to support its pillars, upon which the horizontal deck with guards stands, providing it with the necessary sturdiness for farm vehicles and livestock to cross. Although Panchorra is already mentioned in the Inquirições [administrative enquiries] of 1258, only in the 16th century was it separated from Ovadas, where the former religious centre of the medieval parish was located. It became, thus, a “curato” [parish], with the chapel of Saint Lawrence serving as the new religious centre.

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