Ponte de Fundo de Rua

Amarante, Aboadela - Amarante


Bridge of Fundo de Rua

A stone Bridge over the river Ovelha, supported by four round arches with unequal dimensions, upon which a deck lies slightly raised above the higher arch. The pillars are protected by sharp cut-waters upstream and by the buttresses downstream. At the entrance of the Bridge, on the left bank, a transept marks perhaps the date (1630) of the construction or rebuilding of the Bridge, succeeding the medieval span which ensured the passage of transit between Amarante and Vila Real. This was the access to the “beetria” of Ovelha do Marão, once one of the few that existed in Portugal and where the residents chose the feudal lord that would govern them. Near the Bridge, the pillory evokes such autonomy, first of the “beetria” and then of the “honra” [territory] and municipality which, in the 16th century, became property of the kings of Portugal. Through here marched the French troops under General Soult which took Amarante on May 3rd 1809. As this is one of the two places of passage between Amarante and Trás-os-Montes, the Bridge of Fundo de Rua (or Aboadela) was also referenced in the work of the writer Camilo Castelo Branco, who visited the place several times.

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