Roman Bridge of the Odivelas Streamlet - Vila Ruiva



The Vila Ruiva Roman Bridge, built over the Odivelas streamlet, has as probable construction date, the 1st century b.C., there are some reconstruction and increasing works vestiges, made by the civilizations that inhabited the region after the Roman occupancy, such as Visigoths and Arabs.

This is one of the most monumental Roman Bridges in Portugal, with 120 meters long, about 5 meters width and also five meters of maximum height.

This bridge, located at about 3km distance from Vila Ruiva, was part of the ancient Roman Road that linked Faro to Beja, and headed to Évora and Mérida and still allows the connection between the banks of the Odivelas streamlet, for over 2 thousand years.

Sustained by two pillars concluded in round arches (over 20 arches, some of them underground), the Vila Ruiva is classified as National Monument.

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