Ferreirós do Dão Roman Bridge



The Ferreirós do Dão Roman Bridge, in the lovely Tondela department, is built over the amazing Dão river, surrounded by a landscape of great natural beauty, with origins in the ancient times of Roman occupancy of this territory.

In fact, the Ferreirós do Dão region is located on an area served by several water courses, such as the Dão, Asnes or Pavia rivers, among others, and is probably a fertile region occupied by Men since ancient times, important during the period of Roman occupancy of the territory as it was located on a fertile and passage area that eased the transport of goods, troops and information.
The surrounding area was recently endowed with a Fluvial Beach, attracting many visitors during warmer months, that search for pleasant swims in the crystalline Dão river waters. This is also a perfect spot for the organization of nautical competitions, surrounded by a great natural beauty and an amazing peace of mind.



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