Portas de Rodão

Vila Velha de Rodão


The geological formation of “Portas do Ródão” (“Doors of Ródão”) is a place blessed by nature, one of the most beautiful in the Vila Velha do Ródão region, in the Centre of Portugal, and is also linked to an ancient legend.

This astonishing landscape is formed by the intersection of the Talhadas mountains with the course of the Tagus river, where the huge rocks seem to be willing to keep the waters of this big river, thus forming the Doors of the Vila Velha do Ródão village.

From this natural marvellous viewpoint, one has a breathtaking landscape. The area houses several bird species quite rare and in danger of extinction, like the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the red Kite or the Black Stork, housing as well the greatest Griffin colony in the Country. Other wild animals can also be observed in the area, such as Boars, Foxes, Deers, Hares or Otters, among many others.

King Wamba’s Legend
It is said that in this region lived Wamba, the last Visigoth king in Hispania (Iberian Peninsula) that reigned from 672 to 680, and fought the Moors.
One day, Wamba’s wife fell in love with the Moorish king that decided to abduct her from Wamba’s power. For that he tried to built a tunnel that would go underneath the river Tagus. However, he misjudged the calculations. As Wamba discovered the Moorish king plans, and realizing the love his wife felt for the other King, he decided to offer her as a present, yet tied to a millstone, which made her roll down the slopes right until the Tagus river. On the places where the millstone passed through, no vegetation grew up again, as it is still visible nowadays.

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