Located on the western south coast of the amazing São Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago, the Povoação is a village filled with beauty and tradition, marked by the fertility of its soils and the rurality of its ambiance. In fact, Povoação is often named as the “island’s barn”, such is its agricultural importance, with big productions of cereals.

Since the Discoveries Era of the Island, still in the 15th century, that the discoverers got impressed with the natural beauty of this territory, abundant in vegetation, colonizing it straight away, adapting to this territory the cattle, wheat seeds and several vegetables.

The Povoação region is rich in landscapes of great beauty and also in perfect places for the most diversified activities of sport, leisure of simple contemplation of such wonderful panoramas.
Povoação presents several sights and heritage not to be missed such as the wonderful Furnas Valley and its thermal complex and the Terra Nostra Park, or the many touristic pedestrian itineraries that show off the best that this Island has to offer, such as the Salto do Prego, Agrião, Ribeira do Faial da Terra, Lombo Gordo, Redondo, do Pico Água Retorta or the Areia itineraries, among many others.

Povoação also offers interesting museums, such as the Wheat Museum, showing off the importance of the “Island’s barn”, or even the Zoological Park where several species can be observed in a pleasant leisure area.



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