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The Luís de Camões Square gets it's name from the immortal Portuguese poet, and is composed of a bronze figure in the center of a square with sidewalks paved in the Portuguese style.

With the statue of Luís de Camões placed in the center, this square is more than just a beautiful and discreet urban square, it is also a sign of essential modern concepts of citizenship, embodied in the figure of a hero / poet in eternal exile who died very poor and alone.

The author / sculptor of the monument, built between 1860 and 1867, was Vitor Bastos. It was inaugurated with great ceremony and public participation, in 1867, and one of the great urban large-scale sculptures to enliven a traditional space.

The figure of the poet is executed in bronze and is six meters tall, it's characterized by a faceted parallelepiped, on whose edges are set others statues of the most prestigious names in classical national culture - Fernão Lopes, Zurara, Pedro Nunes and João de Barros, among others.

The square was urbanized in 1859, after the destruction and removal of the ruins of the old Palace of the Marquis of Marialva and Loreto.

This square is also a popular access to Bairro Alto, one of the main centers of nightlife in the city of Lisbon.

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