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Situated in between the Liberdade Avenue and the Eduardo VII Park, the Marquês de Pombal Square is one of the most remarkable and historical squares in the city.
In the period after the big earthquake of 1755, Marquês de Pombal was Minister of the king D. José 1st, and he was the figure that headed the magnificent planning and reconstruction of the Portuguese capital.
The expansion of the city to North, namely in the century XIX, altered Lisboa’s centre to the Marquês de Pombal square.
Right in the centre of the Square raises the magnificent Monument in honour to Marquês de Pombal, inaugurated in 1934. In the top of the central column of the monument, stands the image of the Marquês with his hand on a lion (symbol of power), contemplating its masterpiece: the Baixa Pombalina. In the lower part of the monument several images represent some of the work produced by this statesmen, such as agricultural, social, and political reforms, being also represented images of the big earthquake that changed forever the appearance of Lisboa.
This Square has also been stage of political events since the beginning of the century XX, among them decisive events that caused the Proclamation of the Portuguese Republic in the 5th October 1910.
The Marquês de Pombal Square is also crucial for the traffic connection among various important arteries of the city.



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