Porto Santo Beach

Ilha de Porto Santo


The Porto Santo Beach is divided into different areas, or smaller beaches, situated on the south side of the amazing Porto Santo Island, on the Madeira Archipelago.
Therefore this is a very extensive beach, with a touch of paradise, due to the softness of the sand (that highly contrast with the pebble beaches in the neighbour Madeira Island) and the crystalline, calm and mild sea waters.
The Porto Santo Beach is composed by the areas of Calheta, Cabeço da Ponte, Ribeiro Cochino, Ribeiro Salgado, Fontinha and Penedo.
This is also a famous beach for the therapeutic features of its sand, indicated for rheumatism and osseous disorders.
Porto Santo Beach is a wonderful beach for the most diversified activities and leisure moments, with a vast sandy area that allows one’s privacy.

Sun shades and beds for rent; Bar; Restaurant; Showers; Toilets; Lifeguard; Accessibility for the Disabled.

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