Carcavelos Beach

Carcavelos - Cascais


The Carcavelos Beach is a wide beach, going from the Carcavelos entrance up to the São Julião da Barra fortress, integrating two small dimensions sandy areas: the Moinho Beach (next to the fortress) and another one, in front of the famous “Bar dos Gémeos”.
Despite the fact that this is the most extensive sandy area of all Estoril Coast, it is quite common to get crowded in summer time, even during weekdays.
This beach has several facilities and is mainly frequented by locals, families, youngsters and surf and body board practitioners. The Beach is also stage for several sport events, such as Beach rugby and Beach volley. On the Parking lot there are also skate and basketball courts available.

Sun shelters and beds for rent; Toilets; Showers; Tourist Office; Restaurants; Bars/Cafeterias; Sport Fishing, Accessibility for the Disabled.

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