Provesende is a charming small village located in the lovely Sabrosa department in the fertile region where the famous Port Wine is produced.

This is a region of great natural beauty, located on a small plateau, facing the beautiful Pinhão river, with a strong rural ambiance that has remained throughout the centuries, specially since the creation of the Douro wine demarked region in the 18th century.

This is a place of quite ancient human occupancy, as it is observable through the vestiges of a Lusitanian Castro (hill fort) probably dating from the Iron Age, from where one has lovely panoramas.

It is worth knowing the typical and calm streets of Provesende, where one comes across with the ancient Pillory which demonstrates the importance of this place many years ago, the baroque mother Church, the 18th century Fountain and the many manor houses that show off the economical strength of the region’s fertile soils and the importance of the wine industry, such as the houses of Praça, Santa Catarina, Campo, Santo, Ribeiros, among many others.

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