Querença is a typical small village situated in the Loulé department, in the Algarve region, a place of natural and architectonic beauty.

This is a region of ancient human occupancy, where different people and cultures inhabited.

The village, located in a lovely mount, is characterized by its charming typical white houses with a coloured bar around windows and doors, with the traditional Algarve’s chimneys, showing off the big Moorish influence, not only because of the proximity with the North of Africa, but also by the many years of Moorish occupancy of the territory.

In the top of the hill is situated the lovely 16th century Mother Church with its interesting Manueline portal and a modest decoration, right in front of the pillory settled on a rock.

One of the highlights of Querença is the gorgeous Fonte da Benémola Protected Area, a place of great natural beauty, a symbol of the Algarve’s landscape diversity.

This rural village is well known for the quality of its agricultural products, like the “Aguardente de Medronho” (a liquor made of arbutus-berry fruit) and the famous “chouriço” (smoked sausage), celebrated every year in January during the “Chouriças” Fair.

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