Sorraia Horse Natural Reserve



The Sorraia Horse Natural Reserve has an area of about 40 hectares, and is dedicated to the conservation and promotion of this Portuguese Breed, with remote origins, and in danger of extinction.
In fact, the Sorraia has an appearance remarkably similar to the prehistoric cave paintings found across the northern Mediterranean and the Iberian peninsula. Not surprisingly, it has recently been genetically linked to the now extinct Tarpan that once ranged throughout southern Europe and into Asia.
All over the world there are less than 200 Sorraia horses, and only about 60 are females in reproduction period. Sorraias are extremely tough, but with a calm and gentle temperament. Possessing great endurance and stamina, they tend to have an exceptionally long, durable working life.

In the Reserve it is possible to observe this elegant specie, and enjoying the “Cabana do Sorraia”, an esplanade located in between eucalyptus, where the fresh countryside air and all the surrounding nature bring a natural peace of mind to the visitors.

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