Tejo Estuary Natural Reserve



The Tejo Estuary Natural Reserve was created in 1976. Located north of Alcochete village, the Reserve occupies and area of about 14.560 hectares, enclosing an extensive area of estuary waters, muddy areas, salines, small river islands (the ones of Póvoa, Alhandra and Lombo do Tejo) and many agricultural fields.

Considered to be one of the most important natural reserves in Europe, it is the most extensive humid area of the Country, enclosing a big diversity and habitat variety.

The Tejo (Tagus) Estuary is also important for the raise of several species, such as flatfish or snooks. For some migrating fish such as lamprey, eel, shad, among others, Tejo River is also the transition place between the ocean and the river.

Due to its location, this humid area is a perfect place for several birds’ species. Flamingo, Marsh Harrier or the Greylag Goose also frequent this area, along with other species such as otters, bulls, Cabrera's Vole, horses, among many other mammals that also inhabit the Reserve’s territory.

Inside the Tejo Estuary Natural Reserve were demarked two integral reserves: the Mouchão do Lombo do Tejo Integral Reserve, which aims for the nesting protection of some species, and the Pancas Integral Reserve.

A paradisiacal scenery, the Tejo Estuary Natural Reserve makes of Lisboa the only European capital with an important natural reserve such as this one.

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