Paúl de Boquilobo Nature Reserve



Situated in the confluence of the rivers Tejo and Almonda, nearby Golegã, the Paúl do Boquilobo Natural Reserve has an area of 529 hectares, and is basically an alluvial plain of marshland and humid zones, dependant of the both rivers.
Part of the Reserve is located in a big Estate, the Quinta do Paúl de Boquilobo, that once belonged to the Templar’s and the Order of Christ.
The landscape is enriched by a huge network of canals, covered by aquatic plants and the willows growing on the banks. The best period to better take advantage of this natural panorama is during the months of March and July, when the Reserve is dressed in beautiful greenish tones.
It is on this reserve that the biggest Herons colony in the Iberian Peninsula inhabit, and the beautiful white heron is actually the symbol of the Park.
In fact, the Paúl de Boquilobo is a place of election for many migratory birds that pass through the zone during various seasons of the year. The Reserve is quite important for several bird species and has been justly declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

The access to this Reserve can be made through Quinta do Paúl or through Golegã Road heading towards Azinhaga (about 2km long), and it is not clearly signed.
The trail in the Reserve has an extension of about 4km and might take up to 3 hours, or it is possible to make prior contact with the head office of the Reserve, once the access to certain locations may be restricted during nidification seasons.



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