Rio Maior

Rio Maior


Rio Maior is an important agricultural and industrial region, in the centre of the country, where the landscape is sort of divided in two different realitis: pine tree and eucalyptus forests, typical plain terrains on the south side, and the Candeeiros mountain range on the north. It is in Rio Maior that the headquarters of the Serra de Aires e Candeeiros Natural Park is situated.

Rio Maior presents several human occupation vestiges since remote times, and a rich history, visible through its lovely monuments, like the Misericórdia Church from the 16th century and the Matriz Church from the 17th century, or the curious Matriz Church from the picturesque small village of Alcobertas, built between the 14th and the 18th centuries, with a Megalithic Dolmen serving as a lateral chapel.
Also the Salt Pans of Rio Maior are one of the most interesting highlights of the municipality, among other interesting buildings, like the many manor houses of the region that show the importance of Rio Maior all over the centuries.

The Rio Maior region also has a rich Gastronomy to offer, with a famous beef, the chicken with nuts and the famous “Pão-de-Ló”, a sort of light cake with egg cream, all served with the famous regional wines.

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