Alter Pedroso Castle Ruins

Alter do Chão


The Alter Pedroso’s Castle, situated in the Alter do Chão department, on the vast Alentejo region, was once an important defensive structure of this area, located on a strategic defensive line, guarding the border from the enemy forces.

The Castle was probably built during the 13th century, and donated to the Avis Religious and Military Order in 1249.
The construction of the Castle took advantage of the rocky irregular soils, and made of them defensive walls, linking them to the wall.

During the Middle Ages is built the São Bento Chapel.  On the 17th century the structure is quite destroyed by the Spanish troops commanded by D. João de Austria, in the Portuguese Restoration War context.

During the 1940’s is erected the geodesic mark that is still visible nowadays.
The Castle is classified as a Public Interest Building since 1977.

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