Faria Castle and Hill Fort Ruins



The Ruins of the Faria Hill Fort and Castle are situated in a promontory of the Franqueira Mount, in the lovely Barcelos department, on the greenish Minho region.

This is a place inhabited by Men since remote periods, with several occupancy vestiges since the Chalcholithic Period (3th to 2nd century b.C.), inhabited until the Middle Ages. In fact, during the Middle Age, this was one of the most important fortresses situated in between Douro and Minho.

The several archaeological researches denoted several occupancies, attesting the historical value of the site. Therefore, vestiges of human occupancy during the Bronze Age (3,000 to 2,000 b.C.) were found, along with vestiges from around 700 b.C, when the area was used as a hill fort, or “castro”, as stone structures and three lines of defensive walls were found, as well as residences with round plants. Probably during the 4th and 5th centuries b.C. already existed Mediterranean trading.
The site was also inhabited by Romans, with vestiges since the 1st to the 6th century a.C.

During the Middle Ages the hill fort becomes an important defensive point. The origins of the Castle date back to the 9th and 10th century, using the previous structures, yet modernized.
As from the 15th century, the Castle is abandoned, of which nowadays only its Ruins are left.

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