Montalvão's Castle Ruins

Montalvão - Nisa


The Montalvão Castle, situated nearby the border with Spain, is nowadays quite damaged, yet vestiges of the Castle’s walls, towers and the cistern can still be found.
The landscape from this point is amazing, with a wonderful panorama.

There are no certainties about the origins of this Castle, nevertheless it is known that an ancient structure exhisted already when the region was conquered by the Christian forces, being rebuilt in the 13th or beginning of the 14th century.
The Castle had a strategic defensive role in the Middle Age that was later lost, entering the monument in a degradation state.

The Main Door dates from the 17th century, and it is known that the Castle, long before that date, was donated to the Christ Military Order.

The Main square of this Castle was used for many years as a shelter for the Cattle and sheep of Montalvãos’s population.

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