Ruins of the Vilharigues Castle



Towering above the typical Vilharigues small village, these Ruins are located at about 430 meters above the sea level.
From the previous architectonic structure nowadays only the Tower is visible, probably built in the end of the 13th century, as a residence to the noble Lord of these lands.

The granite Tower, with a square plant, would have been composed by three floors, with a kind of warehouse in the ground floor, a reception hall in the first floor and the last floor used as the Lord’s Residence.
This was a residential Tower, and not a military one as it might seem, as it was quite in use in the medieval times in this part of the Country, assembling all together a military and residential look to the residence of the noble Lords of the region.

From here one has as astonishing panorama over the surrounding area, on a rural ambiance, filled with peace of mind, with a lovely view over the beautiful Vouzela village and the greenish Lafões valley.

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