Convent of Nossa Senhora das Neves Ruins



Situated on the top of the gorgeous Montejunto Mountain, in Cadaval department, these are two interesting structures: the Nossa Senhora das Neves Chapel dated from the 13th century, and what is left of the first Dominican Convent in Portugal, built in the 12th century.

The Convent is nowadays in ruins, yet it allows a good observation of the Dominicans Friars and of the conventual medieval life. The Chapel, built by the Dominicans in the 13th century was quite altered after the 16th century, and has on the interior an interesting 17th century glazed tiles set.

Nearby are situated the ruins of the Royal Ice Factory (“Real Fábrica do Gelo”) where in the 18th century the ice was collected in deep valleys, stored in tanks, and then taken to Lisbon to supply the Royal Court and the cafés.

The Convent, due to its harsh location, was then abandoned, and the friars installed in another convent, in Santarém.

Every August the Nossa Senhora das Noves Procession is proudly celebrated, gathering a large number of followers and visitors.



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