Cerro da Vila Roman Ruins



Situated in the Vilamoura Tourist resort, the Cerro da Vila Roman Ruins were possibly (probably between the I century and III) a rustic roman Villa, surrounded by fertile fields, composed by several bathtubs and Roman mosaics and water supplied from a dam built at about 2 Km distance, belonging to the territory of Ossonoba.
The water was the most important element in this villa, and even its location facilitated the utilization of the maritime resources and goods interchange, hence the existence of a Port, existing equally taps and a lake in the garden, from which all home was developed and built around.
In this Roman Ruins it is also possible to observe vestiges of the reception room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the servants and slaves service areas that included a cryptoporticum.
These Ruins epitomize an important testimony for the comprehension and knowledgement of the importance Romans presence in the Algarve, and for a wider perception and conservation of this important place, a Museum was created with the proper information regarding this archaeological station, and the visit to the ruins has a properly signalled itinerary.

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