Sabrosa is a charming village located in the north of Portugal, in the amazing Demarked region where the famous Port Wine is produced, also known for being the birthplace to the 15th century navigator, Fernão de Magalhães.

With a quite ancient human occupancy this region delights with its natural beauty, housing archaeological vestiges dating as from the Neolithic period, such as Antas and Dolmens, or even ancient Castro’s (“hill forts”) inhabited since the Iron Age, later Romanized, such as the Sancha Castro. Also worth to be mentioned are the early Christian toms carved in the rocks that can be found throughout the region, dating from the Middle Age.

With a rural ambiance that has survived throughout the centuries, Sabrosa got its major development in the 18th century with the growth of the wine industry in the region and the consequent creation of the Douro Demarked Wine region. From that period date the many Manor houses, built usually in the noble granite rocks of the region, showing off the economical strength that the Sabrosa region fertile soils have provided: the Barros Lobo Family House, which nowadays houses the Town hall, and also the Canavarros, Comba, Navegador or the Largo Houses.

Beyond the astonishing landscapes that the region has to offer, it is also worth knowing more of the Sabrosa’s highlights, such as the baroque Mother Church dated from the 18th century and built in the same place as the previous Fernão de Magalhães Chapel, housing a valuable collection of Religious Art.

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