Santa Cruz ( Madeira )

Ilha da Madeira, Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is a lovely town situated in the sunny south slope of the amazing Madeira Island.
This region was one of the first to be discovered, and from those early times derivates its toponym: the navigators found here old tree stumps and made a cross with them, hanging it on a tree. It was the place of the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz).
To the Santa Cruz department also belong the charming Desert Islands.

Nowadays a quite developed region, Santa Cruz still maintains its importance and its agricultural and fishing features, taking advantage of the best the rich soils and ocean have to offer, even though throughout the region several industries, services and tourism have developed. In this department is situated the Madeira’s Airport.

Santa Cruz is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the lovely Mother Church dated from 1533, the 16th century Misericórdia Church, the Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the 17th century Nossa Senhora da Piedade Chapels, the São Sebastião do Caniço Fort or the lovely Town Hall building that shows off proudly the typical colonial architecture.
The Santa Cruz Culture House also offers a privileged area for the plastic arts, displaying as well the great ethnographic elements of the region.

The Santa Cruz region is also famous for its other very typical Madeira feature: its traditional Handicraft, with old knowledge and techniques, producing various works of embroidery, wood, basketry, willow or the famous wooden spoons.

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