Santiago do Escoural



Santiago do Escoural is a lovely small rural village nearby Montemor-o-Novo, situated in the vast Alentejo region where peace of mind and tradition is the rule, surrounded by a generous nature.

This is a region occupied by Men since remote periods, and very rich in archaeological vestiges, which highlight is the amazing Escoural Archaeological Site, in Herdade da Sala, that is actually one of the most important pre-historical heritage in the Country.
This important archaeological heritage moulded the life of this village since the 1960’s, when they where discovered.

Nevertheless Santiago do Escoural has much more to offer in its quiet traditional streets, with monuments such as the Parish Church or the interesting Chalk Ovens, the lovely Quinta do Carvalhal or the nearby São Brissos Anta, transformed into Nossa Senhora do Livramento Chapel during the medieval period, or even the charming São Brissos Mother Church.

A walk in this quiet and peaceful Alentejo’s streets is always quite pleasant, in a region inhabited by Men for more than 50 000 years, that has been able to maintain its rural and peaceful lifestyle throughout the centuries, wisely preserving its important archaeological heritage.

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