Peninha Sanctuary

Serra de Sintra, 2710 Sintra - Sintra


The Peninha Sanctuary is located in a architectural group composed by the old São Saturnino small church, dating from the period of the foundation of the first Portuguese kingdom, yet nowadays abandoned, and by the romantic-revivalist small Palace that resembles a fortification, built in 1918.
Located in the astonishing Sintra’s Mountain range, this high area provides incredible landscapes and is a place for a complete peace of mind.
The current Chapel dates back to the 17th century XVII, to the period when an hermit sought refuge here, in the place where, according to the local legend, the Virgin Mary had appeared in the sixteenth century.
Inside the Chapel there is a set of panels representing scenes of the life of the Virgin Mary, by different authors. Other panels have representations of the Pentecost.
The main chapel has marble interiors, the pulpit includes various inscriptions made by pilgrims and the high altar has a Baroque decorated panel with spiral columns and the walls covered in a Florentine mosaic.

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